Update From The CEO To Members

Monday 25 May 2020

Dear valued Club Central Members,

It’s gives me great pleasure to announce that we will reopen Club Central Hurstville and Menai to members on Monday 1 June 2020 at 10am. Our whole team is excitedly preparing to welcome you back after 70 long days of lockdown!

From 1 June, the State Government is allowing clubs to accommodate 50 patrons up to a maximum of 500, according to the number of eateries and cafes within the venue. The 1 person per 4 square metres rule will be applied and this will limit the number of members allowed at any one time in certain areas of the clubs. Social distancing of people remaining 1.5 metres apart also applies.

For this reason, as we navigate this first phase of reopening, we will be opening to members only. However, memberships will be available, so please keep in mind that any guests who are not members can join on arrival.

Club Central Hurstville
We have been busier than ever while our doors have been closed at Hurstville and members will notice some fantastic changes underway. The final touches are being made to the new reception area as well as an impressive new bar which will be unveiled in the coming weeks. Members will be able to enjoy dining at the Imperial Dynasty restaurant for lunch and dinner or select from our bar menu in Arena Bar.

Club Central Menai
We are looking forward to revealing the new bi-fold doors in the Terrace Bistro, creating an indoor/outdoor café. Members will be able to enjoy lunch and dinner or select from a new bar menu in the Sports Bar.

Our venues are adhering to comprehensive set of health and safety standards designed to protect you and our team. This will include modifications to our floor plans to ensure that we abide by the social distancing regulations. Some of the measures include:

  • Alcohol-based sanitiser will be available in each area of the Club
  • A hygiene attendant will be cleaning frequently touched surfaces such as door handles, lift buttons and other hard surfaces. Gaming machines will be wiped down in between uses
  • Additional cleaning staff will be tasked with ensuring that restrooms are disinfected several times per hour
  • Group seating will be limited, and seating will be spaced apart to ensure social distancing is maintained
  • Our team will be actively monitoring all areas of the Clubs to ensure that social distancing is being observed
  • Where possible we request contactless payments to minimise cash handling
  • Disposable menus will be in place and cutlery, crockery, condiments and straws will be provided as needed by staff

We ask that anyone who is unwell to refrain from attending the Club. Temperature readings of everyone entering the premises will be taken. If you record a reading above 38 degrees, you will not be permitted to enter and encouraged to visit your doctor.

Finally, we ask all members to observe good personal hygiene including covering coughs and sneezes with the inner elbow or a clean tissue, avoid touching the face, eyes, nose or mouth and refrain from physical contact with others such as hugging or shaking hands.

After an extended absence we are thrilled to be able to return to what we do best – be hospitable! We look forward to welcoming you back, albeit with a warm smile rather than a handshake! Take care and we will see you on 1 June.

Best regards,

Paul Richardson
Chief Executive Officer
Club Central Group

Monday 11 May, 2020

Dear Valued Member,

Hope you are well and safe! With the announcement that government-imposed restrictions will begin to ease at the end of this week, we had several calls from members over the weekend asking when our Clubs will be open once again. The answer is that we still don’t know yet. However, I assure you that as soon as we have a date, we will be in touch to welcome you back with open arms!

At the end of this week the New South Wales social-distancing restrictions will be eased slightly, and small restaurants and cafes will be allowed to serve up to 10 people at a time. Unfortunately, larger venues like ours have not yet been given the approval to reopen. At this time a date closer to the end of June in accordance with the Government’s plan for Stage 3 relaxations is still being touted.

Our team is monitoring government and industry advice closely. Planning for your return is well underway and we will be ready to hit the ground running as soon as we’re allowed. In addition to the thorough clean of the venues completed after we closed, we are deep cleaning – including steam cleaning of carpets – in both venues to ensure that they are sanitised and ready for you. Our team members have also undertaken the Federal Department of Health’s eLearning course in Infection Control for COVID-19 so they are fully prepared to serve you in the safest way possible.

The updates and changes we’re working on within both clubs, as reported in my last member update, are progressing well and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve achieved.

I would also like to thank the 272 members who have taken the time to answer our survey questions over the phone so far. Our team members are enjoying the opportunity to catch up with you and find out your thoughts.

Finally, I wish all the mothers a Happy Mother’s Day for yesterday and hope that you were celebrated as you should be, even with the restrictions in place. Stay safe and well, and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Best regards,

Paul Richardson
Chief Executive Officer
Club Central Group

Friday 1 May, 2020

Dear valued members,

I trust that you and your family remain well. The Club Central team is continuing to make the most of this enforced shutdown period to achieve some fantastic upgrades to your clubs and I’d like to take this opportunity to fill you in on our progress.

At Hurstville we are transforming the reception and concierge areas with some stunning new features. We can’t wait to show you the beautiful new reception desk and entry area as well as the artistic ceiling treatment with feature lighting. It promises to be quite spectacular and will be a grand way to welcome you back.

Further into the club our gaming floor is also being enhanced with a new layout and an impressive new bar. Many of these changes are designed to provide better flow throughout the club and into the new areas currently under construction in our expansion project, which is still on track for completion in 2021.

At Menai we have two major projects underway. Work commenced this week to lay a new non-slip floor in the bistro kitchen. Simultaneously work has commenced on installing bi-fold doors to the outdoor terrace. This will better connect the indoor and outdoor areas so members can enjoy more of the natural light and ambiance of the terrace and the space can truly live up to its name as the Terrace Bistro.

Our team members are continuing to stay in touch over the phone and I thank the members who have given us a few minutes of their time to complete our member survey. Listening to your feedback is one of the best ways we can continue to improve your experiences at Club Central.

Our recent membership renewal promotion with the chance to win a share in $1000 concluded today. We have been blown away by your response with over 1043 renewals processed in the month of April. On behalf of the Club Central team, we truly appreciate this support and can’t wait to welcome you back once restrictions are lifted.

If you’re celebrating a birthday during social isolation, firstly, best wishes for a wonderful day. Secondly, rest assured that your birthday voucher will be available to collect once we reopen and you will have 30 days from when it is claimed to use it within our venues.

Our raison d’être is you! Staying in contact and connected is our number one priority, even more so with social distancing keeping us apart. We are eagerly awaiting the government say so to re-open. Rest assured the improved hygiene and sanitising of the Clubs is paramount to ensuring you can return to a healthy, clean environment. For now though, please stay safe and well.

Best regards

Paul Richardson
Chief Executive Officer
Club Central Group

Thursday 9 April, 2020

Dear valued members,

Week three without you… we miss you! Our thoughts are with every one of our members as we celebrate Easter this weekend with our families. Even though this experience is very different to normal, without the enjoyment of spending time with our extended families, loved ones and friends, on behalf of the Illawarra Catholic Club Board and the Club Central team, we hope you enjoy this time.

Easter is seen by many as a symbol of hope and renewal and though we are navigating one of the most difficult periods in recent history, it is a good reminder that there will again be a time when we can come together.

The Club Central team is keeping busy and there is plenty happening at each of our venues to ensure that we are ready to welcome you back once the threat of this illness is gone and the restrictions are lifted. As a team we are working hard to make our reopening a special experience and, in the meantime, we are staying in touch via phone calls and in our live weekly giveaways on Facebook.

I would like to thank you for showing loyalty and faith in us by renewing your memberships or joining even whilst our doors remain closed. Equally we thank you for your continued support and patience through this unprecedented period.

As we pause for the Easter break, we encourage you to play your part in staying safe and protecting your community by staying home. As always, we wish you, your families, loved ones and friends all the best. Stay safe and well, remember that we are all in this together.

Best regards

Paul Richardson
Chief Executive Officer
Club Central Group

Wednesday 1 April, 2020

To our valued members,

I hope this update finds you well. Much has changed for us all in recent weeks and at Club Central we are beginning to adapt to a different way of operating for the time being. One thing that hasn’t changed for our team though is our aim of putting members’ needs first and ensuring that our decisions have a positive impact on you in the future. To that end I would like to share some of the exciting plans we’ve made to ensure that this time is extremely productive.

At Club Central Hurstville the redevelopment project and construction of the hotel is continuing. Thanks to the flexibility of our project team, we’ve brought forward some of the renovations within the Club. This week we’ve started projects to improve our reception area, refreshing the gaming floor and renovating the gaming area bar. This will mean no inconvenience to you, the member, throughout the improvement period.

At Club Central Menai, we’re making enhancements around the club and improving the flooring around the bistro kitchen area. This work would have disrupted normal club operations, so its pleasing to be able to do it now and not impact your experience.

We’re excited to launch takeaway alcohol sales from Club Central Menai to our valued members. Visit our website to make your selections from the takeaway beverage menu, then simply call our reception team on 9532 1800 to place your order. You can pick up from the club and our staff will bring your order to your vehicle.

To help ensure your membership is up to date and ready for you to return to the club, we’re launching online membership renewals from today. Our discount membership fee of just $2.20 for one year and half price for 3 and 5 year memberships is still available and as a reward for renewing or joining, you will go in the draw to win a share of $1000.

Our marketing team is also working on some fantastic weekly member promotions to help keep you entertained at home. Follow us on Facebook and subscribe to our email and SMS updates to ensure you are in the running for some fun prizes.

As our Easter raffles were not able to go ahead as normal, we decided to turn a negative into a positive by sharing out over 600 Easter eggs between the staff at Sutherland and St George Hospitals. We couldn’t think of more deserving recipients than the doctors and nurses at our local hospitals and hope that a sweet bite brought them a moment of enjoyment.

Finally, we’re investigating the recent announcement by the Prime Minister about the Job Keeper allowance with the view that this will enable us to keep our hard-working team together so we’re ready to serve you on your return to the club and do our bit to kickstart the economy.

All in all, as a team we are looking at this challenging situation with the ‘glass half-full’ mentality and getting back to doing what we do well – look after you as our members. I hope that you and your family and friends stay well, and we encourage you to stay in touch with us over the phone or online.

Best regards

Paul Richardson
Chief Executive Officer
Club Central Group

Monday 23 March, 2020

To our valued members,
It’s with sadness that I confirm that Club Central Hurstville and Menai will be closed to members and guests from 12pm today, as per the direction from the Federal Government in implementing Stage 1 restrictions on social gatherings. The Prime Minister’s announcement stated that these restrictions will be reviewed on a monthly basis however that we should be prepared for the measures to be in place for at least 6 months.

I would like to sincerely thank you for the support you have continued to show to our Clubs and our people in recent weeks. We had made some significant changes to our operations in order to meet the social distancing requirements and I thank you for your efforts and support in upholding those.

Whilst we are working with the limited information that has been provided so far by Government, I want to reassure you that we are focussed on taking the necessary action to ensure that our Clubs are ready to reopen as soon as we are given permission. In addition, we are working through how we support our valued Club Central team members.

I would like to reassure members that any loyalty points that have been accrued to date will be preserved along with all other member entitlements until the day we can reopen and host you once again in our venues.

You will still notice team members inside our venues as we work through the necessary procedures involved in the closure. Our marketing team will be in contact with ticket holders to upcoming shows, events and raffles to provide a refund. Should you have an upcoming function, we encourage you to get in touch with our team to discuss postponement or cancellation. We will stay in touch with members via email, SMS, social media and our website for those who have opted in for communication. If you would like to be kept up to date through these channels, please contact us to update your details.

On a personal note, please take care of yourselves, your loved ones and friends during this difficult and stressful time. I wish you the best of health and look forward to getting back in touch to let you know when we can once again welcome you into our Clubs.

Best regards

Paul Richardson
Chief Executive Officer
Club Central Group

Friday 20 March, 2020

To our valued Members,
I would first like to start by thanking you for the positive feedback and support you have provided in response to our recent member updates. The Federal Government has made further announcements that will have an impact on our venues and the time you spend with us.

We have already taken steps to follow the Government’s rulings around limiting indoor gatherings to 100 people or less to ensure. The Prime Minister has just announced that the 1.5m distance is no longer applicable and has issued a new directive that it is one person per 4 square metres. We will have selected gaming machines turned on and off to reflect these new criteria. For most of you that have visited us this week, the changes to the layout will be minimal as we had already been very conservative in our approach. As always if you have a question, please refer to our team that is there to help you understand how we can all help to comply with these new conditions.

As per previous correspondence to you, the following directives/initiatives will continue:

  • Should you require any surface to be disinfected please see one of the team, who will be able to wipe the area down for you
  • Floor plans in our spaces will change to ensure that comply with the government directives
  • You will notice more signage around our Clubs which will provide reminders about social distancing
  • Events and shows where numbers could exceed 100 people have now been cancelled. We are pleased that some events will continue where we can ensure the health and wellbeing of our members and guests and abide by the new rules
  • You will notice our staff will be monitoring numbers in various spaces around the Clubs
  • Health and hygiene standards are continuing to be maintained to the highest standards and this will continue indefinitely.

As members, I ask that you and any of your guests cooperate with and follow instructions by the team within our clubs to enable us to comply with the measures set out by the Government. We take our responsibility as a local employer seriously and our single-minded aim here is to keep our loyal team employed by keeping the Clubs open and providing you with a safe and enjoyable place to visit.

I would encourage any member who would like further reassurance to get in touch with us via our website – we welcome your feedback.

Thank you

Paul Richardson
Chief Executive Officer
Club Central Group

Wednesday 18 March, 2020  

To our valued Members,

Following the Federal Government’s announcement this morning, I am writing to update you about the impact on our venues and you, our members.

We will be following the Government’s rulings around limiting indoor gatherings to 100 people or less to ensure that our venues provide the safest environment possible for members, guests and staff. The following changes have been implemented in our clubs in response:

  • We have cancelled events and shows where numbers could exceed 100 people
  • Limits will be applied to each part of the club where more than 100 people can gather. Our current advice is that each area of the club, such as a gaming room, restaurant or bistro, can hold up to 100 people. Our staff will be monitoring numbers to ensure that this upper limit is not exceeded
  • We are fully adhering to the social distancing advice and have taken steps such as turning off every second gaming machine, removing furniture to ensure 1.5 m is maintained across all areas and spacing out seating in our regular events such as bingo.
  • Health and hygiene standards are continuing to be maintained to the highest standards as explained in my earlier letter and this will continue indefinitely.

As members, I ask that you and any of your guests cooperate with and follow instructions by the team within our clubs to enable us to comply with the measures set out by the Government. We take our responsibility as a local employer seriously and we want to ensure that we can remain operational to keep our staff employed and continue providing a place for our members and guests to visit and enjoy. The safety, health and wellbeing of our club community is paramount at this time.

I would encourage any member who would like further reassurance to get in touch with us via our website – we welcome your feedback. I thank the members who got in touch after my earlier letter for the kind words and support shown. If we work together and support each other, I am confident that we will come out stronger on the other side of this challenging time.

Thank you

Paul Richardson
Chief Executive Officer
Club Central Group

Tuesday 17 March, 2020

To our valued Members,

The safety and wellbeing of members, guests and staff has and will continue to be at the forefront of any decision that we make at Club Central. I would like to take this opportunity to update you on our actions to date around ensuring the wellbeing of our valued members and the loyal and dedicated team that serves you.

Whilst I can assure you that our standards regarding health, hygiene and cleaning are already best practice, we have introduced additional measures to further strengthen our efforts to protect members, guests and staff whilst on our premises:

  • We have automatic hand sanitiser stations in high traffic locations throughout both of the clubs
  • Additional staff have been rostered to increase the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting of all common areas as well as gaming machines, door handles, lift buttons and handrails and this is taking place at a much higher frequency
  • Cutlery has been removed from tables and will be provided to patrons as needed
  • All drinking straws have been removed from general areas and will be placed into drinks as required by staff
  • Communal menus have been removed from the Terrace Bistro at Menai and Imperial Dynasty at Hurstville
  • You may notice our staff in reception, or those handling cash or cleaning will be wearing gloves. This is for your protection as well as their own
  • On top of our already increased cleaning and sanitation, any member or guest who would like a surface cleaned is welcome to request this
  • We ask that patrons avoid leaving shopping and other items in our cloakrooms. If this is unavoidable, we will be sanitising the cloakroom and reception areas every hour

We ask for your participation and cooperation

We are told that transmission of COVID-19 occurs from direct personal contact or proximity of one metre for a period of 15 minutes. We ask for your support in understanding this information and, where possible try to avoid unnecessary personal contact whilst on club premises, such as having a spare seat next to you and avoiding handshaking or close personal interaction.

Although the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases reported around the world is rising at a rapid rate, I am pleased to be able to report that no members, guests or staff have tested positive for the virus. Still it is vital that we remain vigilant with personal hygiene, particularly hand washing with soap or the use of antibacterial hand sanitiser.

We continue to respectfully request that all members, guests and staff who have travelled overseas refrain from visiting the Club until 14 days after their return. Any members, guests or staff who develop cold-like symptoms are encouraged to visit their doctor as soon as possible. We are also in regular contact with our staff to ensure that any international travel is reported and the required self-isolation periods are observed.

Looking ahead

With the recent announcement from the Federal Government regarding gatherings of 500 or more people, we will monitor the number of members and guests on the premises to ensure we comply. It is unlikely that we would exceed the 500 limit in any area of our clubs.

Should the need arise to cancel, postpone or modify club shows or regular events, we will provide notice to all members and refund any tickets purchased. Members hosting functions or events, please rest assured that our Functions team are here to assist you and discuss any concerns you may have.

The Club Central management team is closely monitoring the advice provided by the Australian Government and the World Health Organisation to ensure that we adapt our response as the situation changes.

I thank you for your understanding and support during what is an unprecedented time of change and uncertainty around the world. Please be assured that it’s our priority to look after the health and wellbeing of our members, guests and staff. If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us via our website.

Thank you

Paul Richardson
Chief Executive Officer
Club Central Group